Tips To Save Money

Tips To Save Money

With the current financial climate, saving money is higher on all our minds and has become an absolute necessity for some people.

When people think of money saving, they think of cutting back or reusing your gone off bananas for a banana cake, saving a few pence.

My way of saving is more rewarding and you can actually see the results in your bank account in no time at all!

After seeing various reality TV show contestants save thousands of dollars each time they shopped I was inspired to start saving as much as I could with offers.

The cents turned to dollars and the savings added up as time went on.

In my first year, I saved nearly $2,000. That gave us the opportunity to pay off bills and go on two holidays abroad - and plenty of motivation to keep going with saving for years to come.

Some of my biggest personal savings have been a $105 shop for just $5 and an $75 shop for just $2.

And last Christmas I did a charity shop which got $600 of products for 90 cents

I believe that everyone can save money so here are my top 8 tips.

1. Organisation is key

Throwing away past offers, finding expired sales and forgetting that a sale is occurring are the things you want to avoid doing. Make sure you bookmark and keep all of your offers in one place so you don’t lose them and remember to take a look at them once more before you go shopping!

2. Your opinion counts

Manufacturers and brands love feedback. Whether it is your favourite product or there is a tiny hole in the side of the packaging, let people know! You are likely to be rewarded with a discount.

3. Finding sales online

Offers are all over the web. Using Sydney Offers website to find the best sales in town is the easiest way to know about the biggest deals and save a lot of money!

5. Store loyalty isn’t always best

Shopping in one store is not always the best way to go. Looking around for sales to match your preferences is the best way to save bigger. If you wait for the product you have to go on sale, then you save more. These sales vary in different supermarkets so keep an eye on Sydney Offers everyday!

6. Be vigilant

Supermarkets often advertise sales they have there currently. Be on the look out on Sydney Offers for these fleeting deals!

7. Bigger bottles are not always the best

Extra big 'value' products are not always the cheapest options, even if there is a sale. It is always worth checking this on Sydney Offers as it may be better value to buy two smaller products with the offer.

8. Stockpile to save

Don't be embarrassed to buy multiple non perishable products when they are on offer. These items won't go off so you can keep them for a while and it's great to know you have spares around.

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