Posted By Justin W on 08/23/2018

New Zealand Possum Merino Clothing & Accessories 20% off - Kiwi Gift Store


Winter Sale on Possum merino Clothing & Accessories 

20% OFF on Possumdown possum merino garments & Accessories at Kiwi Gift Store


Possum Merino Fibre

Possum merino is a unique blend of the very finest possum fur and superfine New Zealand merino wool, it is soft, warm and light. The natural fibres provide moisture management by wicking moisture away from the skin.

The possum fibre provides incredible warmth with light weight. Brushtail possum fur is similar in softness to angora and cashmere and is combined with the softness of only pure NZ merino lambs wool. Possum merino fibres are smooth and scale free, people who can't report merino report being able to wear Possum merino knitwear even against bare skin.

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